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Unique Rental Cabins Perfect for Vacations and Special Events

Timberline Meadows provides amazing rentals in the upper Methow Valley near Mazama, Washington. Our nightly rentals offer all the amenities of modern life with none of the distractions. Our beautiful homes are nestled in the trees near a seasonal creek, with spectacular views of the mountains. Some of the homes are designed for lockouts, to allow for a smaller number of guests.

All of the homes have access to the Methow Valley Sports Trail, for superb cross-country skiing, and there are numerous hiking and biking trails to enjoy. If you enjoy horse riding and packing trips, our Methow Valley lodging is simply a wonderful choice. If you do stay with us, we encourage you to sit by the creek and enjoy a peaceful, private moment. This is the perfect place to let go of life's cares and concerns and enjoy nature for a while. Get in touch with us today to schedule your stay in one of our wonderful cabins.

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Nestled in the trees...

Timberline Meadows Nightly Rentals in the Upper Methow Valley near Mazama, Washington, offers all the amenities of modern life and none of its distractions.

The homes are nestled in the trees near a seasonal creek with spectacular views of the mountains adding to their serenity. Some of the homes are designed for lockouts, to allow for a smaller number of guests. Our homeowners are eager to share their little bit of heaven in the Methow Valley with you.

All of the homes at Timberline Meadows have access out your front door to the Methow Valley Sports Trail for superb cross-country skiing.

We invite you to explore our website as well as our Cabins. Come enjoy the Methow Valley.

Methow Valley WA Lodging

TimberlineMeadows.com provides you with not only comfortable and cozy living quarters, but these homes and cabins are set in some of the world's best scenic views and surroundings. Consider sitting by the creek during your stay at Timberline Meadows and enjoying a very private and peaceful moment or two. Close your eyes, and let go of all the cares and concerns of the daily tasks you normally deal with each day.

For the athletic, you will find access to the sports trails for superb cross-country skiing - right out your front door. The Methow Valley has some of the finest cross-country ski trails in all of America for you to come and enjoy. There are numerous hiking and biking trails as well to explore. If you enjoy horses and packing trips - you will find those here, all within a short distance of your "home-away-from-home."

Activities of varying categories are here to enjoy. Music festivals, the Arts, and Theatre with live stage plays. Some of the finest eating establishments that are comparable to large cities such as Seattle and New York. Several eating establishments also offer free music for your listening pleasure while enjoying one of their fantastic meals. Or put together a picnic lunch and sit by one of the rivers, streams, or creeks and enjoy watching the wildlife that abounds in the Methow Valley.

Year-round events are available to take in and even participate in. Fiddlers Contest, Rodeo, Antique Auto Rally, hot air balloon rides, or bring your own to soar over the Methow River and Valley. You can even fly-in at Lost River landing strip or land at the airports at Winthrop or Twisp.

Other Available Activities include; Cross country skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, mountain biking and hiking, swimming, river rating, horseback riding, camping, fly fishing, hunting (in season), bird and eagle watching. We are sure you will find even more ways to enjoy your stay.

Special Events
Rhythm and Blues Festival, Square Dance Jamboree, Old Time Fiddlers Contest, Antique Car Rally, Farmer's Market (Twisp and Winthrop), Octoberfest, ski races, Mountain bike races, hot air balloon rides. Labor Day and Memorial Day Rodeos, early May 49er's Day with Mule Train Ride. Car Clubs such as Ferrari, Miata, Corvette, and motorcycle clubs such as Harley Davidson and Gold Wing. Enjoy wine tasting at a local winery, classical music outdoors, and concerts, live theatre performances.

Visit - antique shops, historical museums, U.S. Forest Service Smoke Jumper base, Western theme town of Winthrop with boardwalks, gourmet restaurants, pubs, delis and eateries, vintage and specialty shops. Experience the North Cascades Highway 20 Loop crossing the Pasayten Wilderness with its mountain glaciers and peaks, waterfalls, lakes, streams, trails, and campgrounds along the Methow, Twisp, and Chewuck Rivers. Take in Rainy Lake at Rainy Pass near Washington Pass on Highway 20.

Come, stay with us at Timberline Meadows and enjoy all the Methow Valley offers.